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AGS (Alliance Ground Surveillance) project

AGS belongs to major joint NATO projects so-called "smart defence".

This system is designed as the main means of the alliance troop protection on the battlefield. The AGS system will be able to detect and trace moving objects through a network of ground sensors and unmanned air vehicles. It provides radar and satellite images of the observed areas including data transfer in real-time directly in combat.
The AGS system will not only protect soldiers, but also increase their combat readiness and effectiveness. Alliance ranks this project among their high priorities.

RETIA will provide special mobile ground stations for this high-priority NATO defence project.

RETIA supplies for NATO within this project special shelters equipped with electronic systems, serving to the operators to evaluate data from unmanned aircraft. To this prestigious contract for NATO we apply our experience of nearly twenty years of partnership with the Czech Army.

Schematic illustration of the AGS project