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C2, C4I2, C4ISR Systems

Development and production of mobile and stationary command, control and information systems for various command levels of Armed Forces.
Our modular open-standard solutions allow step-by-step, as well as application-by-application growth. Sophisticated COTS based HW and SW makes upgrade and integration of the new application simple and cost-effective.

RACCOS Command and control system

The automated system RACCOS is a mobile communication and information system designed for the command and control of Air Defence units. The RACCOS can operate on the sites of the AD units as well as support troops on the move.

ReTOB Air observer apparatus

Air Observer Apparatus ReTOB provides detection and evaluates 3D coordinates of targets in areas, which are not covered by the radar means, especially targets moving below the horizon.

ReWET Weapon Terminal

Weapon terminal ReWET provides voice and data communication for various weapon elements such as MANPAD, VSHORAD systems and their integration into an Air Defence Command & Control.

ReDIN Digital internal communication system

Digital system for internal voice communications designed especially for installation in vehicles, container workplaces and bunkers, which provide communication between the crew and optionally also a link with the senior center through tactical radios.

C2 modules

C2 modules are means of command and control developed for a support of modern SHORAD and VSHORAD systems. C2 modules are used primarily as an autonomous part of air defense radars.

AGS (Alliance Ground Surveillance) project

AGS belongs to major joint NATO projects so-called "smart defence".

User-defined projects - LLAPI

LLAPI (Low Level Air Picture Interface) is a communication interface allowing interoperability of national Task Forces of NATO countries for their cooperation.

Extension and modernization of C2 and C3 systems

Enhancement or modernization of already existing information and command & control systems at the tactical level applicable for various army branches.