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Custom manufacturing of PCBs

Full PCB design from the simple single-layer boards to the complex multilayer PCBs  - up to 8th class design, optimized design of BGA circuits up to 0.4 mm pin pitch, differential pairs, controlled impedance, blind and buried vias technology, import of VF motives, etc. - in the design environment Altium Designer.
The part of design is the transfer and optimization of scheme into electronic form in accordance with Altium Designer.

A draft will be carried out according to the mechanical requirements supplied by the customer in paper form, as output from conventional 2D CAD (dxf, dwg) or 3D model (-. step).
The output data format is Gerber or ODB + + format, including data for the (hand and machine) mounting.

The 3D mechanical modeling of the PCB (-.step) suitable for checking the accuracy of your development project or output for 2D CAD systems (-. Dxf, -. Dwg) is a part of the delivery.

If necessary we arrange subsequent sample production and mounting.

PCB design
Transfer and optomalization of the scheme
3D mechanical modeling of PCB design
Receiver (example)
Video Signal Processor (example)
Video Signal Processor PCB (example)