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Extension and modernization of C2 and C3 systems

Enhancement or modernization of already existing information and command & control systems at the tactical level applicable for various army branches.

The extension and modernization are a cost-effective ways of increasing communication and information capabilities of currently used command and control systems and as well the introduction of new functions, to meet current requirements of the Military Forces.

Acceding elements can be fully integrated into the existing (older) command and control system or can be used as a means of command and control activities autonomously in accordance with the tactical needs of commanders.

Among the main functions of the modernization means belong the support of planning activities and battle management of units at various command levels. It supports preferentially the implementation of the various stages of Troop Leading Procedures (TLP), especially:

  • Ability to obtain, analyse and understand the task
  • Issue of Warning Order
  • Support of the preliminary plan creation
  • Preparation of the own combat operations plan
  • Support of the creation of the plan of movement
  • Support of survey plan
  • Assembly and analyse of information
  • Topographical and tactical orientation

Each individual implementation depends on the specific structure and hardware of the original system and on user requirements. The mostly used upgrade elements are the modified components of above mentioned offered C2, C4I2 products.

The C2 modules are frequently used elements of this upgrade. From the technical point of view the C2 module can be used either as part of the other combat means or as a remote element. The C2 module design and software equipment allow a real time presentation of obtained information, which enables its integration into resources of airspace survey with the ability to display the local Air Picture.