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Integration of IFF systems

RETIA offers an integration of IFF MARK 12, MARK 10 interrogators to very short, short, medium and long range radar and weapon systems.

The integration includes beyond the IFF interrogator installation also the specific data interface, IFF antenna, cabling and diagnostic means. A part of the integration is necessary data processing developed according to specific needs including reception, evaluation, correlation, and distribution of IFF data.

Integration of IFF interrogators into AD systems

RETIA, a.s. offers integration of IFF MARK 12, MARK 10 standard interrogators into radar and weapon systems namely MANPADS, VSHORAD, SHORAD, middle and long range. RETIA, a.s. has worked out a design system that comprehensively solves installation of the IFF interrogator on the radar or weapon system platforms.

IFF antennas

RETIA, a.s. offers a whole range of modern, STANAG 4193 and ICAO Annex 10 compliant, IFF interrogator antennas.