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MLRS (rocket guns) Modernization

The BM-21 and RM-70 “GRAD” are multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) designed to carry out concentrated firing at ground targets mainly at enemy armored fighting units and strategic posts. Due to the technological and tactical progress the original systems are considered obsolete now.

BM-21 and RM-70 rocket guns are generally appreciated for their big firepower and large affected area. The system performance can be substantially increased by modernization introducing.

  • Automation of launcher targeting process
  • Automation of navigation and north finding
  • External and internal digital communication
  • Interface to superior command and control centre

The modernized system is equipped with a Fire Control Computer for an automatic fire control data calculation and the high accuracy Hybrid Navigation System for an automatic measuring of geographical coordinates and position of the vehicle. The new equipment provide automatic measuring of heading, pitch and roll of MRLS vehicle.

Modernization benefits

  • Automatic launcher azimuth and elevation adjustment producing substantial reduction of the launcher pointing time
  • Operation from the vehicle cabin or from a remote site at distance up to 60m
  • Manual launcher azimuth and elevation adjustment
  • Way of the target input
    • geographic name of the target place
    • geographic coordinates of the target place center
    • GNSS coordinates of the target place center
    • GSR of the other sensor target data
  • Automatic correction of the launcher pointing errors caused by current vehicle pitch and roll
  • Automatic correction of the launcher pointing according to weather data
  • Presentation of the current launcher azimuth and elevation on the Fire Control Display
  • Operation without any limitations in night and low light conditions
  • Protected wire or wireless connection to a superior command and control centre
  • Communication compatibility with non-modernized BM-21 / RM 70 systems
  • Overall high resistance to CW and pulse jamming
  • Independent oh the Earth's magnetic field
  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • Low operation and maintenance charges
BM-21 "GRAD"