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Modernisation projects

Radar modernisation

Modernisation of various types of military ground-based radar systems according to customer requirements. 
  • Extended service life of the radar system
  • Lower operational costs
  • Increased reliability of radar systems
  • Digitisation of radar systems


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Modernisation of the 2K12 KUB (SA-6) anti-aircraft assembly   

The aim of the modernisation is to extend the service life of the assembly and integrate it into an automated air defence command and control system.

  • The modernised system is used by the Czech Armed Forces
  • It increases the combat efficiency of the assembly
  • Simplifies operation and use
  • Automates activities
  • Eliminates problems with scarce space parts

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Rocket launcher modernisation

Proposal for the modernisation of BM-21, RM-70 rocket launchers and similar types.
  • Increased combat efficiency
  • Automatic determination of azimuthal axis and longitudinal and lateral vehicle tilt
  • Automatic navigation and rectification
  • External and internal digital communication


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Modernisation of the R-934U radio jammer 

Modernisation of a radio jammer using frequencies from 100 MHz to 400 MHz. The modernisation enables you to add new features to the radio jammer.

  • Simplifies operation and use
  • A significant increase in the reliability of the entire system
  • The system includes a high-durability computer with special software
  • Service life extension and lower operational costs



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