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Modernization of defence equipment

Digitization, automation and complete or partial replacement of obsolete electronic equipment intended to enhance the older radars, Surface-to-Air Missile systems and other Air Defense means.

Surface-to Air Missile system modernization

Modernization is focused especially on electronic equipment of SAM systems, preferably retaining the original mechanical and armored parts. This eliminates spare parts shortage, increases overall effectiveness of the systems, simplifies operation and allows automation of their activities.

MLRS (rocket guns) Modernization

Modernization of Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS) BM-21 „GRAD“, RM-70 and other similar types.

Modernization of R-934U jammer

Modernization of the mobile radio jammer for the frequency from 100 MHz to 400 MHz allows the adding of new functions of the jammer, simplifies its operation and increases the reliability of the whole system.