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Modernization of R-934U jammer

Radio jammer R-934U is a mobile jammer for radio frequency in the band U from 100 MHz to 400 MHz. The R-934U jammer allows a search of enemy communications and then it tries to jam these communications through broadcasting suitable high power RF signals. The modernization allows the adding of  new functions of the jammer, simplifies its operation and increases the reliability of the whole system.

In the course of modernization the following units were replaced by  new ones:

The original exciter DL200 was replaced with the modernized exciter unit RJD- 400, which generates by way of a mixing the appropriate RF signals with output power of + 18 dBm in the frequency band from 100 MHz to 400 MHz. This band is divided into three sub bands from 100 MHz to 200 MHz, from 200 MHz to 300 MHz and from 300 MHz to 400 MHz. The device operates quasi simultaneously up to eight frequencies. The shortest switching period is 50 µs. The upgraded exciter unit increases the number of frequencies which can be an object of a quasi-simultaneous jamming and adds to the original jamming modes the broadband mode.

The original reconnaissance and control blocks were replaced with unit RCS. The RCS unit contains a wideband receiver 1 kHz ÷ 3 GHz, which carries out the reconnaissance of the required spectrum and seeks new signals. It also includes a narrowband receiver for analysis (e.g. interception of communications ) of selected signals. The narrowband receiver allows a demodulation of ordinary signals. Another part of this unit is the rugged computer with special software equipment, which is used to control  receivers, exciters RJD-400 and the output amplifiers. It also allows fully automatic jamming at the specified frequency bands according to pre-set criterion of performance.
The preamplifiers are used to amplify RF signals from the exciter RJD-400 to the value + 50 dBm suitable for the output amplifier.

Amplifiers amplify the signal from the preamplifier to the desired value 1000W (CW).

With modernization is achieved not only the adding of new features but also simplification of the operation and the significant increase of the whole system reliability.

Modernization includes

  • Replacement of the original exciter DL200 by the new exciter unit RJD- 400
  • Reconnaissance and control blocks were replaced with block RCS, which carries out among others all original functions
  • Replacement of original preamplifiers VG 811, VG 813 and VG 814 by VG 811RE, VG 813RE and VG 814RE
  • New power amplifiers
  • Broadband jamming function

Main modernization goals

  • Easier operation and maintenance
  • Improvement of the automatic frequency search function
  • Improvement of the searched frequencies jamming function
  • Capability to choose the segments for searching and set the frequencies where the jamming is prohibited
  • Reconnaissance and control units are placed into the single unit
  • Extended frequency range in which the reconnaissance is carried out
  • Increased number of frequencies which can be jammed quasi simultaneously from 4 to 8
  • Higher reliability
  • Extend life time and lower operating and maintenance costs
RCS unit
Modernization of R-934U jammer
R-934U radio jammer
Exciter RJD-400