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Joint stock company RETIA is the best choice for you in area of development and production of both military special electronics and real-time software.

RETIA is modern industrial enterprise based on large R&D with in-house testing department and sufficient manufacturing potential. The company has got certificated quality control system according to the ISO 9001 and AQAP 2116 (Allied Quality Assurance Publication), NBÚ (National Security Authority) Facility security clearance certificate and the license for military material trading.

Radar technology

New radars ReVISOR. Digitizing and full or user tailored replace of radar electronics equipment by new transmitters, receivers, signal and data processing.

C2, C4I2, C4ISR Systems

Development and production of mobile and stationary command, control and information systems for various command levels of Armed Forces.

Our modular open-standard solutions allow step-by-step, as well as application-by-application growth. Sophisticated COTS based HW and SW makes upgrade and integration of the new application simple and cost-effective.

Modernization of defence equipment

Digitization, automation and complete or partial replacement of obsolete electronic equipment intended to enhance the older radars, Surface-to-Air Missile systems and other Air Defense means.