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Command and control system

The automated system RACCOS is a mobile communication and information system designed for the command and control of Air Defence units namely on the sites of the AD units as well as during their movement.

RACCOS provides effective information necessary for superior posts, subordinate and coordination units, and creates solutions that increase the efficiency of the AD system. The air picture information and data of combat activity control are transferred in real time, other command data transfers are realised with a minimal time delay. RACCOS is a fully digitised and highly automated system with minimal demands on the crew. Many operations are processed in the background, without having to be displayed.

Based on security testing procedures the RETIA mobile communication and information system for AD command and control RACCOS received approval to dispose of the information up to level "SECRET".

More info about RACCOS

Workplaces in the Command and Control Post CCP of the RACCOS
Command and Control Post CCP with the power generator on a trailer during transport
RACCOS deployment