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Radar modernization

Modernization of P-18 radar

The modernization of this long-range surveillance VHF band radar represents a replacement of whole radar electronic equipment. Outdated components with limited availability are replaced by modern, high performance, solid state devices. The modernization incorporates new signal processing, display and data output. The direct digitization of the IF signal and digital transmitted signal generation improves system performance significantly.

High attention is paid to the improvement of jamming immunity. The system is equipped by an ECCM channel providing sophisticated system electronic attack protection measures.

Modernization of P-19 radar

The partial modernization of the mobile surveillance radar is focused mainly on the radar digitization, powerful signal and data processing and data output to mobile C3I, C4I SR systems.

Modernization of P-37 radar

The extensive radar modernization extends the concept of a five-channel transmitting and receiveing paths of original radar also to five-channel digital signal processor and data processing.

Modernization of ST-68 radar

Partial modernization of the  3D surveillance radar ST-68 improves the radar signal and data processing and equips the radar with the new IFF interrogator and the new IFF antenna.