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Radar technology

Development and production of radar technology are the leading products of our company.

ReVISOR The brand new light-weight mobile effective-cost 2D short-range X band radar

ReVISOR is a smart Ground Based Air Defence surveillance system, which detects, identifies and tracks air targets with a rapid data refresh and an excellent accuracy. ReVISOR is designed especially to support various VSHORAD systems.

ReVEAL radar The newly prepared highly mobile low-cost early warning VHF band radar

Highly mobile long range 2D surveillance VHF band radar designed especially as early warning system.

Radar modernization

Partial or complete modernization according to the state of a particular radar system and according to customer-specific requirements aiming especially to extend the life time, reduction of operation and maintain costs, increase resistance in terms of electronic attacks or improve the basic system parameters.

Integration of IFF systems

RETIA offers an integration of IFF MARK 12, MARK 10 interrogators to very short, short, medium and long range radar and weapon systems.

Radar components

In addition to complete systems, we also offer radar components in high-tech.