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Rocket launcher modernisation

Rocket launcher modernisation

The MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket Systems) BM-21 "GRAD" and RM-70 are rocket weapons well known for great firepower and a large area of impact.

The combat effectiveness of these now obsolete systems may be significantly increased through modernisation, including a fire control computer for automatic data calculations, and highly accurate hybrid navigation system for automatic measurement of geographic coordinates of the vehicle position.

Modernisation benefits

Modernisation benefits

The new device enables automatic detection of the azimuthal axis, longitudinal and lateral tilt of the vehicle.
Automatic navigation and rectification

The system automatically provides information about the geographic position of the vehicle and information about its current tilt, azimuth and lateral tilt. Information enables automatic correction of carriage aim.

May be controlled from up to 60 metres

Controlled from the vehicle cab or remote workstation.

External and internal digital communication

Modern communication systems enable communication between crew members, with a commander and also communication between upgraded and older equipment.

Current location display

Display of current location of the carriage using azimuth and elevation displayed on the fire control system screen.

Operation without any limitations

Operation without any limitations at night or under low light conditions.

Connection with superior level of command and control

The modernised system may be integrated into modern command and control structures using both wireless and metallic connections.

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