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Surface-to Air Missile system modernization

Automation and full or user tailored electronics replacement of older Surface-to-Air Missile Systems.

Modernization of Surface-to-Air Missile system SA-6 "Gainful" (2K12 KUB / KVADRAT)

The complete modernization of this SAM system involves replacement of all electronics in 1S91 "Strait Flush" (SURN) vehicle including surveillance and tracking radars, modernization of mobile launcher 2P25 and the possibility of the original missiles 3M9ME (3M9M3E) replacement by a new one with ensured compatibility with the upgraded system.

Modernization of Surface-to-Air Missile system SA-13 "Gopher"

The manual control and incompatible identification and communication means are replaced with modern electronics which ensures significantly higher combat efficiency and flexible integration into a modern Air Defence Command and Control structures.