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We develop, produce and integrate radar systems to provide an overview of ground and air situation. These systems are used by ground&air defense units.


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Realized projects


  • 3D radar for detection and tracking of ground and low-flying targets ReGUARD
  • Through-wall radar ReTWis 5
  • New short-range radar ReVISOR used by Ground Based Air Defence units of the Czech Armed Forces

  • Complete upgrade of 40 radars P-18 for export

  • RACCOS Command and Control system used by the Czech Armed Forces

  • LLAPI communication interface allowing interoperability between NATO National Armed Forces 

  • Extension of the C2 and C3 systems for the Czech Armed Forces

  • Special mobile container stations for the Alliance Ground Surveillance (AGS) program for NATO

  • Modernisation of the 2K12 KUB Surface-to-Air Missile system for the Czech Armed Forces


Benefits for users of realized projects


increased mobility of units – lower operational costs and lower life cycle costs – reduction in operational demands – increased efficiency of combat activity management – increased reliability – higher efficiency and accuracy –  full interoperability between existing elements of command and control system of ground based air defence – extended operational life – modular system configuration – short deployment (rollout) and relocation times – easy installation on various platforms – higher resistance to radio electronic warfare – crew remote control option  



  • Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic

  • Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic

  • Ministry of Defence of Vietnam

  • Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic

  • Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic

  • Airbus Defence and Space and other companies