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2K12 KUB (SA-6)

2K12 KUB (SA-6)

Modernizace je zaměřena zejména na elektronické vybavení systémů, pokud možno zachovává původní mechanické a pancéřované díly.

  • Modernizovaný systém je zaveden do armády České republiky
  • Zvyšuje bojovou účinnost kompletů
  • Zjednodušuje obsluhu
  • Automatizace činností
  • Eliminuje problémy s nedostatkovými náhradními díly
The modernisation eliminates problems caused by unavailable spare parts and enables automation of various activities.

Modernisation benefits

  • Extended life cycle of the system – replacement of obsolete parts or parts which are no longer available
  • Modular architecture – solutions tailored to customer’s needs
  • Lower operational costs and lower life cycle cost​s
  • Complete digitalisation of analogue system​
  • Increased efficiency of combat comand and control
  • Increased reliability
  • Increased operability and maintainability
  • Easier operation and reduced crew load
  • Enhancement of basic tactical parameters
  • Possibility to integrate a  SURN vehicle into command and control system
  • Integration of the IFF identification system complying with MARK-12 and with NATO standards
  • Increased resistance to radio electronic warfare (ECCM) – application of the newest digital and microwave technologies
  • Increased parameters of signal and data processing

Complete modernisation of this Surface to Air Missile System using semi-active guidance also includes (besides replacement of all electronics of the SURN vehicle  with surveillance and fire control radar) upgraded  2P25 mobile launchers.

We are capable of preparing the system for the replacement of the original 3M9ME /3M9M3E missile, which are compatible with the modernised system.

We ensure product life cycle.
We offer operator training using the PIZZA simulator supplied by us.
The modernised system has past military tests and it is used by the Czech Armed Forces.