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C2, C4I2 a C4ISR systems

We design, develop, produce and integrate of an effective command and control systems for the Ground Based Air Defence.


The automated RACCOS system is a mobile communication, information, command and control system used by ground based air defence units on stations and during relocations.
  • RACCOS is used by the Czech Armed Forces
  • Full digitalisation and automation
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness of air defence systems
  • Minimum operational requirements    


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Special mobile container stations

We realize specialised container stations for government, military and private customers.                                                                                   

  • Special mobile container stations equipped with sophisticated electronic systems
  • High technological level, credibility and information protection standard  



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C2 Modules

Control and command components developed to effectively support modern Surface-to-Air Missile assemblies, such as SHORAD and VSHORAD, used primarily as autonomous components of ground based air defence radar systems.
  • C2 is used by the Czech Armed Forces 
  • These systems use radar information provided by short range radar of the ReVISOR type
  • Enables efficient control of firing
  • Enables deployment at different command levels 


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Optical airspace observer used for 3D target detection in a space not covered by radar systems.

  • ReTOB is used by the Czech Armed Forces
  • Passive detection of low-flying targets by means of day and night vision  



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The ReWET firing terminal provides voice and data integration between various weapon systems, such as MANPAD, VSHORAD and into the command and control systems of ground based air defence.
  • ReWET is used by the Czech Armed Forces 
  • It provides voice and data communication
  • It serves as an interface to connect weapon components to command and control systems



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