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RACCOS system in real deployment

25. 05. 2020

The RACCOS system is a mobile automated command and control system for ground air defense. And we had the opportunity, together with the Army of the Czech Republic, to check (and film) its deployment in a real environment during a real test of this system at military tests in the Boletice military training area.

Drone detection by 3D radar ReGUARD

11. 05. 2020

The fact that the 3D radar ReGUARD offers great potential was confirmed by its "field test". ReGUARD flawlessly found and traced a very small, low-flying drone. The reflecting surface of the drone was about 0.01 m2 and flew 100 meters above the ground at a distance of up to 5 kilometers from the radar.

Product of the year 2019 – our radar ReGUARD

16. 01. 2020

In the Prague Army House the awards were given to companies of the Czech defense industry

Army tests of PANDUR II vehicles successfully completed

06. 11. 2019

At the end of September, Czech Army tested special variants of communication and staff vehicles including field staff workplace.

NATO Days in Ostrava has again proved its exceptionality

02. 10. 2019

The Attendance on XIX. NATO Days in Ostrava & X. Days of the Czech Air Force exceeded 220,000 spectators. This number has become a long-term standard. We were very pleased to present our news in the form of 3D radar ReGUARD.

IDET 2019 and ceremonial performance of REGUARD radar

01. 07. 2019

On 29 May - 31 May 2019, we participated in theIDET International Defence and Security Technologies Fair, where the greatest attraction was the ceremonial performance of the new 3D radar REGUARD.