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Radar modernization

Radar modernization

Partial or complex modernization all of ground based radars in depend on condition of each concrete system and according to specific customer demands. Implemented modernization of 40 sets radars P-18 for foreign client

  • implemted modernization of 40 sets of radars P-18 for foreign client
  • extend the life of technology
  • low-cost using
  • upgrade of basic parameters

Partial or complex modernization all kinds of ground based radars. Modernization implemented with individual condition of concrete system and specific client demand.


Modernization of radar P-18

P-18 is a 2D mobile early warning radar operating in VHF band. Despite a highly reliable simple mechanical construction, the original radar cannot fulfill today's requirements. Original radar signal processing is not able to detect and track targets inside heavily jammed or cluttered regions. The manual data readout does not fulfill requirements on target processing capacity and accuracy.

Proposed radar modernization suppresses aforesaid imperfections. Modernized radar provides significant performance improvement. The modernization can be applied for P-18, P-12 radars, their equivalents and with some modifications as well for P14 and P-10 VHF radars.

Successful export project,
completed of 40 modernized sets.

Modernization of radar P-37

P-37 surveillance radars are still in service in many countries. Obsolete original electronic blocks and inaccessibility of same components cause a number of problems. Some characteristics of this robust, environmentally resistant and reliable system makes a foundation for radar lifetime extension, however, radar modernization is necessary for more P-37 radar utilization.

  We realized modernization of P-37 radar for Czech Armed Forces.

Modernization of radar P-19

Offered P-19 radar modernization overcomes both technical and technological barriers of the original system. The new signal processing and system digitization enables automatic target detection, extraction and data transfer to a radar network or linked command and control centre. 

 The installation of the IFF interrogator (Mark XII NATO standard) and a local monitoring and control console completes basic range of the modernization.


We realized modernization of P-19 radar for Czech Armed Forces.
long life low-cost using

long life
low-cost using

Modernizace radaru ST-68

Partial modernization of The ST-68U mobile 3-D medium range air surveillance and missile control radar.
Modernization coming with better quality of signal and data processing. Radar is upgraded of new system IFF and new IFF antenna.

The modernized data processor enables all automatic target tracking. Centralized diagnostics and control can be performed by means of local or remote monitoring and control console. 

We realized modernization of P-37 radar for Czech Armed Forces.