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Research and Development

We develop our own radar technology

As for the 3D radar technology segment, we are in the process of developing our own radar head for air defence and surveillance.


We develop and manufacture prototypes for our customers

Based on customer requirements and in collaboration with universities, research institutes, specialised test laboratories and military specialists we focus on: 

  • Research – according to specified parameters
  • Development – putting research results into use
  • Prototype production – based on completed development

We participate in defence research projects and in experimental development projects​

Selected implemented tasks

  • Object module for ground based air defence command units
  • Weapon terminal – new generation
  • Communication interface
  • Primary radar detection
Laboratory tests

Laboratory tests

We perform verification tests in our own laboratory 

We own a test laboratory for the purpose of our own products testing. We perform the following verification tests

  • Environmental tests
  • Mechanical tests
  • Rain resistance tests according to CSN EN 60068-2-18