By implementing the ReVisor radar sensor we have completed the functionality of the VSHORAD module designed for task force assembly in ground based air defence systems in line with NATO standards.

ReVISOR represents an essential radar surveillance system component focusing on combat airspace. This system uses the necessary accuracy to detect, identify and quickly recover information necessary to monitor air targets. ReVISOR is mainly designed to support anti-aircraft systems of SHORAD/VSHORAD types.

Benefits of the ReVISOR radar system

  • Lower price in comparison with other 3D radars
  • Standard C2 module allowing various options in operational deployment
  • Module system – solutions tailored to customer’s needs
  • Short deployment (roll-out) time and relocation time (up to 10 minutes, two operators)
  • High mobility – easy installation on various mobile platforms
  • High suppression of ground and cloud reflections
  • High resistance against radio electronic warfare (ECCM)
  • Integrated IFF system
  • Remote crew control option 
We ensure product life cycle.
We also provide personnel and operator training.

At the end of March 2017 we officially handed over another of the many ReVISOR reconnaissance sensors to the 25. anti-aircraft missile regiment of the Army of the Czech Republic. This product is the result of our development and manufacturing efforts and has successfully passed rigorous and several-month-long testing carried out by the Czech Armed Forces.

Part of the GBAD  of the Czech Armed Forces

Part of the GBAD
of the Czech Armed Forces

ReVISOR - Short range radar

Quick facts

Quick facts
  • Highly mobile system
  • Option to mount on a selected platform
  • High efficiency and accuracy
  • Full interoperability with existing GBAD command system

Basic characteristics

Basic characteristics

ReVISOR uses quick data recovery. Detects, identifies and monitors air targets:

  • Low-flying targets (including hovering helicopters)
  • Targets with small reflective surfaces
  • Unnamed aerial vehicles (UAV)

Support for Air Defence systems

Support for Air Defence systems

ReVISOR is equipped with a communication module and a command and control module (C2), which supports the SHORAD/VSHORAD advanced weapons systems.

Information transfer

Information transfer

Information collected on the air situation is transferred by ReVISOR based on the task force assembly to senior command and control components, as well as to subordinated firing elements, which may be effectively controlled from the commander station of the integrated C2 module.