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Special mobile container stations

Special mobile container stations

Jeden z hlavních společných projektů takzvané "chytré obrany" NATO.

  • Speciální kontejnerová pracoviště vybavená elektronickými systémy
Based on our experience gained thanks to participation in the Alliance Ground Surveillance project (AGS), which is one of the major joint "NATO SMART DEFENCE" projects we implement... 

Specialised container stations for the government, military and private customers.

  • TEMPEST certifications in line with NATO standards
  • Protection of sensitive information and secure data transfer  
AGS – NATO project – basic information

Through a network of ground sensors and top of the line unmanned aircraft, the AGS system will be capable of detecting and tracking moving objects.

It will provide radar and satellite images of the monitored areas, including transfer of important information to commanders and soldiers in real time directly during combat. The AGS system will not only protect soldiers, but also enhance their combat readiness and effectiveness.

NATO-associated states integrated under the AGS programme acquire highly sophisticated drones, mobile ground observation stations, and also build an operation centre. The Alliance classifies the project as absolute priority.

  • RETIA special deliveries for NATO include container workstations with electronic systems that will be used by operators to evaluate data provided by unmanned aircraft.
  • Nearly twenty years of experience obtained thanks to cooperation with the Czech Armed forces are reflected in this prestige NATO project.
We ensure product life cycle.
RETIA has delivered special mobile container stations for one of the  most important NATO defence projects in Europe.